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Vermin - Napalm Death - Enemy Of The Music Business

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  1. The release of Enemy of the Music Business/Leaders Not Followers compiled two albums -- Enemy of the Music Business (, originally released on Spitfire) and Leaders Not Followers (, originally on Relapse) -- by Napalm Death on one compact disc.
  2. album: "Enemy Of The Music Business" () 1. Taste The Poison 2. Next On The List 3. Constitutional Hell 4. Vermin 5. The Volume Of Neglect 6. Thanks For Nothing 7. Can't Play, Won't Pay 8. Blunt Against The Cutting Edge 9. Cure For A Common Complaint A Necessary Evil C.S. (Conservative Shithead) Mechanics Of Deceit
  3. While 'Enemy Of The Music Business' isn't really anyone's favorite Napalm Death album, it's amazingly consistent, particularly coming off the heels of the last era, and has more than a few tracks which are second-tier Napalm Death classics. 'Vermin', 'Thanks For Nothing', 'Cure For The Common Complaint', and 'Necessary Evil' (the last of which is the first Napalm Death song I ever heard) are all .
  4. At this point Napalm Death were hitting a creatively angry peak with many of the songs on the album and the album name heatedly aimed at their former label, Earache. This disagreement only added more attitude and aggression fuel to their lyrical and musical fire highlighted on tracks such as ‘Vermin’ and ‘Thanks For Nothing’.
  5. Enemy of the Music Business is the nint album bi the Inglis grindcore baund Napalm Death released in This album alang wi Words from the Exit Wound are the anerlie Napalm Death studio albums that wur released anerlie on CD. This is the vera last release that haes Jesse Pintado actually techno.chartgenie.netinfo: Grindcore, deathgrind.
  6. AllMusic Review by John Serba [+] While no one should ever accuse Napalm Death of being complacent, there's nothing like record label troubles to force a band to pool its collective energy and refocus its intent. Napalm 's previous two records, Inside 8/
  7. 'Cesspits' is both literally and figuratively about people living in holes. It is perhaps one of the ultimate indignities and one of those things that a blind eye is often turned to.

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